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solar barrier gate
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  • solar barrier gate
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solar barrier gate

System characteristics

1. use ARM7 embedded system as the core of control, which has the advantages of faster processing speed, more powerful function expansion and more stable performance.
2. use full data management, all functional parameters are digital settings, setting operation is easier.
3. unique anti-smashing function, completely through digital monitoring, rod smashing strength and reaction time can be freely adjusted, the whole process does not need to add any auxiliary equipment (pressure waves, infrared induction, etc.)
4. has abundant communication interface, realizes the gate travel monitoring, the gate remote control;
5、 Can use 24 V uninterruptible power supply to ensure the normal operation of the gate during power failure;
6、 Reconfigure solar cells to expand solar power supply.
7、 In case of emergency to achieve linkage (such as fire), the holding channel is smooth.
8. gate does not need additional limit switch, the switch in place by the system automatic detection.
9. switch in place information output: the system has the function of switch in place output, can remotely monitor the switch state of the gate in real time.
10. Remote management: the system can choose TCP/IP network communication module, can realize the unified management of the gate through the network, all functional parameters can be sent through the network opinion, real-time remote monitoring of the current state of the gate.

11. Solar charging. 4 pcs of Solar panels.
Functional characteristics

1. opening and closing speed adjustable
2. Electronic Smashing Vehicle Function
3. sense of anti-cracking function
4. Locked rotor protection function
5.The stability of opening and closing gates is adjustable
6. gate running stroke self-learning function
7. fleet memory function
8. car over time drop bar

9. Gate Delay Drop
10. Traffic light function
11. Gate switch in place output function
12. Breathing lamp function
13. Remote communication function
14. Can be expanded through the mobile phone Mini Programs software debugging gate function